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Unusually good or remarkable.

Award Winning Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Est. 2010 in The Middle Of Nowhere, Michigan

Our plants are nurtured by cannabis experts with precise atmospheric controls in fully automated grow rooms that run on green technology. By focusing on the growing phase and constantly testing different growing room variables each of our strains achieves its full genetic potential.

We take strains to new levels

Our Strains

We take most strains to new testing levels by giving the plants higher quality nutrients. Knowing what your plants need and providing the proper ingredients, at the right time, will result in a healthier crop and better yields.




Alien Cream Cookies

Alien Cream Cookies

Mac Santo

Mac Santo

Our Story

Rare Michigan Genetics - Established in 2010

It was a dark cold winter in the middle of nowhere in Michigan when Rare Michigan Genetics linage was created. The year was 2010 and Michigan residents were newly eligible for the care giver program.

Our first step was to build a fully automated grow room that needed as little human intervention as possible and could be controlled via the internet. In addition to precise atmospheric controls, we created green technology to use Michigan’s thermal energy to reduce our power usage by half.



Pesticide & Chemical Free

Craft Cannabis

For Cannabis Aficionados

Exclusive genetics

Unique Strains

The most powerful grow process in the industry

Our Grow Process.
Efficient. Productive. Powerful.

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Our Story

What People Say
About Us

Your bud is unlike any other… from the unique genetics and beautiful bud structure to the crisp terpene profiles and consistent top quality. It always burns white and it always hits just right. Y’all truly rock at what you do!!
Rachel Kret
Rare Michigan Genetics stands apart from other brands in a multitude of different ways for me. From the love that goes into it all, to the people that represent the brand. You guys truly treat your growing as a craft and as a cannabis enthusiast also in the industry, I can say RMG has separated itself from the crowd in the best way, with an amazing selection of strains available and top-tier people behind it all!
Julia Compton
Recently tried Floozie, and the structure of the bud itself was incredible; white trichome hue on top of bright green, and wonderful-sized nugs. The flavor profile was very sweet to start, lightly peppery, and had a very gassy backend on the exhale. Complex to say the least, but something very enjoyable for those with an attuned pallet for terpenes.
Angelo Cummins

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